Black Gems in STEM

4th & 5th Grade

6th through 8th Grade

About the workbooks…

Black Gems in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is an academic workbook series for grade students. As suggested by the title, the workbook showcases 10 Black people in STEM fields. Each section consists of a reading passage about the featured Black Gem in STEM. The passage is followed by related reading, writing, and math questions, as well as an activity or project. In addition to learning fundamental skills and concepts, students learn history, STEM concepts, critical thinking skills, and entrepreneurship skills.

About the authors…

Denise and Akibi are a wife and husband duo who met at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where they both received their master’s and doctorate degrees in engineering (Denise in civil engineering and Akibi in mechanical engineering). In addition to his education in engineering, Akibi has a master’s degree in educational psychology. They both have a history of community involvement, especially as it pertains to STEM education for youth. In addition to other community work, they both served as advisors for Tri-Cities High School NSBE Jr. Chapter in East Point, Georgia and co-directors for Ujima Enterprises’ Saturday Engineering Enrichment Program in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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